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Library Rules:

  • Student may lend books from the library for the use in their home. Requisition slip is duly filled in and submitted to the counter within 1:00 PM for “Home issue”.
  • Books are issued to the students for Home use from 2:00 PAM to 3:00 PM. Students may get books from the library on the scheduled days for different classes.
  • Students may get one volume of book per borrowers’ card and may retain a book up to for 7 days. A penalty of Rs.1/per day per volume of book will be charged on expiry of the due date of return. Sundays and holidays are exempted.
  • Books for reading within the library (Reference Books) cannot be taken out of the library.
  • Library card holder is liable for any book borrowed on lost card and the library does not undertake any responsibility in such cases. When a book is borrowed from the library attention of library staff should be drawn in case of any defect or damage. Otherwise the last borrower will be held responsible.
  • Books may be issued to students for reference and home issue at any time till the library is closed.
  • All the information related to Library will be published on the Notice Board specified for the Library. Students are requested to follow the notice board for the information related to Library and no personal communication or intimation to the students will be encouraged in this matter.