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Dr. Manoj Guha
Manoj Kumar Adhikary
Swapan Pramanik

History of English Department: The Department of English of Magrahat College was launched first with English General Course in the very beginning of the College, specially with the foundation of the College in the sylvan teritorry like Magrahat in the year 1996. The seats of General Course in English was 50 that remains unchanged till now. The institution was, then, providing several subjects to teach under the affiliation of the University of Calcutta. The English Honours came to the Department for the interest of the students in 2007 with only 35 seats.


Present Status of the Department: In 2007 when English Honours Course came to the Department the total number of teachers were two that after one year the number incresed to three. On the 4th August in 2008 the Inspection Team of the University increased seats 35 to 40 and next two years 2009 – 2010 the seats of the Department were respectively 44 and 48 after increasing 10%. In session 2014-2015 the no. of seats of the department were 48 while in the session 2017-2018 it is enhanced into 56.
Honours Course in English
Session Alotted Seat Statement
2007 35 1st Launched
2008 40 05 (Increased)
2009 44 04 (Increased of 10%)
2010 48 04 (Increased of 10%)
2015 50 02 (General Increased)
Ramanuj Mahato
Arup Kumar Das
Narayan Guchhait


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Nargis Abbasi
Amit Kumar Roy
Supriya Ghosh
Nirupama Ganguly
Amit Mondal

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Mandira Sarkar
Soma Roy
Sampa Biswas
Soma Naskar
Dipankar Mondal

Political Science
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Nitai Maity
MST.Sakina Khatun
Indrajit Mandal

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Sultan Mamud Molla

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Ramdeb Naskar
Kabita Auddya
Anindita Mukherjee
Pranab Basak
Yasmin Khatun

Environmental Science
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MD. Shahin Ahmed Laskar

Library & Information Centre


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Soumen Ghosh